Custom Fabricated Vessels & Reactors

Stainless Tank, Inc. is a custom fabricator of pressure vessels and reactors. We custom build vessels and reactors to your exact specifications and needs. We adhere to ASME pressure vessel code as well as industry and application design standards too.

From conception through production, you can depend on Stainless Tank every step of the way, from CAD drawings to the final custom ASME code fabrication standards. We understand the potentially hazardous nature of pressure vessels, that is why working with Stainless Tank ensures that you are working with a company that has the specific skills, expertise and industry knowledge to do it properly. We have a long history of producing quality, long-lasting products for our customers.

We can incorporate sight windows, mixer loadings and jacket designs into your reactor vessel upon request. From small reactors to large custom vessels, we can fabricate just about anything that you need, and in a variety of materials including 300 series stainless steel and other nickel based alloys.

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