Custom Fabricated Storage Tanks

For decades Stainless Tank, Inc. has been fabricating custom chemical storage tanks and hoppers. We have built storage tanks and hoppers for many different industries, and of every size and shape. Every storage tank that we build is built to the exact specifications that you request.

We can build storage tanks with a variety of tank options, including high pressure tanks, low pressure tanks, stainless steel storage tanks, ASME compliant tanks and more. Our professional team has the skills and dedication to ensure that you are provided with the highest quality storage tanks at affordable prices.

A.P.I. (American Petroleum Institute) vertical liquid storage tanks have cone or domed tops and flat bottoms. Most of our A.P.I. storage tanks are built per A.P.I. 650 appendex "S" for "shop fabricated" stainless storage tanks. These are low pressure tanks.

A.S.M.E. (American Society of MechanicalEngineers) storage tanks are usually set off the ground on legs or skirts. Vertical storage tanks are mounted on side lugs, and horizontal storage tanks on saddles. They will usually have domed "ends" and some have cone bottoms. These storage tanks can be designed to handle internal and external pressure for the storage of air or gases like CO2.

Our design team is committed to perfection. We will work with your storage tank requirements, and we integrate our engineering experience to produce the highest quality storage tanks available today. So, whatever you need, we make sure that you are delivered the storage tank you need, built to your exact specifications.

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