Our custom fabricators have experience with all types of jackets, including conventional, dimpled or half pipe. No matter what your requirements are for temperature-sensitive applications, Stainless Tanks is ready to meet all of your needs. All of our jacketed tanks are custom fabricated to your exact specifications, and are thoroughly inspected and tested. Each jacket option provides different benefits to the overall use of the pressure vessel, and the choice of jacket usually will depend on heat transfer efficiency, economy, and weight. We have a variety of jacketed pressure vessel solutions, contact us today to discuss your needs for a fully customized jacketed tank built to ASME standards.

Dimple Jacket:

Cooling and heating of tanks or pressure vessels can be achieved by means of integrally welded dimple jacket that can be welded directly on any surface. Welded dimple jackets provide a way of heat transfer but are not recommended for rapid alternate cooling and heating cycles. Different pressure and temperature ranges are met using steam, hot water or hot oil applications.

Half Pipe:

Half pipe jackets are well suited for temperature control and alternating heat/cooling cycles. These are more limited than dimple jacketing from a tank installation standpoint. Half-pipe jackets are better suited for larger heat transfer areas.

Half Pipe:

Internal coils provide an efficient way of heating or cooling any tank or pressure vessel. Uniformed coverage, greater pressure drop control and more efficient heating/cooling transfer are easily met by this process.